What may be done with my Facebook account after I pass away?

Last modified: January 18, 2023
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After you pass away, your designated legacy contact or a person authorized by your estate may have the following options with your Facebook account:

  1. Memorialization: Your Facebook account can be memorialized by your legacy contact, which means that the account will be turned into a memorial page, where friends and family can leave posts and memories. The account will be in a read-only mode and will no longer show up in public spaces like friend suggestions.
  2. Deletion: If you have specified in your account settings that you would like your account deleted after you pass away, your legacy contact can request that Facebook delete the account.
  3. Downloading your information: Your legacy contact may also be able to download a copy of your Facebook information, such as posts, photos, and messages.
  4. Responding to friend requests: Your legacy contact can also respond to friend requests on your behalf, and update your profile picture and cover photo.

It is important to note that your legacy contact will only have access to your account after Facebook has confirmed your passing via an official document such as death certificate.

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