We are thrilled to announce that Koha has launched the alpha version of its advisor portal, a powerful tool that will assist financial advisors in helping their customers with estate planning. The advisor portal consists of a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system for lead generation and conversion, assisting customers in the decision-making process, and the insertion of accurate information for the generation of Wills.

Advisors will also have access to dashboard analytics to view their performance and track their progress. The portal also includes financial planning tools that will assist advisors in advising their clients on sufficient wealth protection and preservation.

Customers will have peace of mind and assurance with proper advice from their financial advisors, protecting their wishes and last intentions. The advisor portal provides an efficient and effective way for advisors to assist their clients in planning their estate, ensuring that their assets are distributed according to their wishes.

Koha’s advisor portal is the perfect solution for financial advisors who want to provide their clients with comprehensive estate planning services. The alpha version of the portal is now available for use, and we welcome financial advisors to sign up and experience the benefits of this powerful tool. We are confident that the advisor portal will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of estate planning for financial advisors and their clients alike.

If you are an advisor business interested in transforming your business, please visit our contact us page on our website to learn more.