KUALA LUMPUR, 09/06/2021 – Koha Digital today announced the formation of its new company focused on Digital Wealth and Legacy Planning. Peter Cheong and Melvin Lim founded the next-gen fintech startup to handle the time-consuming and costly process of legacy planning. Their adventure began when they realised that, despite having completed basic legacy planning, a lot of critical details remained unresolved. Additionally, they concluded that one of the primary reasons some people do not have a Will is that it is difficult and time-consuming to find and schedule an appointment with a lawyer. Individuals’ hurried lifestyles make it difficult to not only create a Will but also to maintain one. Additionally, even the most basic Wills can be excessively expensive. As a result, Koha’s goal is to make legacy planning accessible to everyone.

The tagline of the company, “Live and Gift a Good Life,” emphasises the meaning of the word KOHA, which is a Maori phrase for a gift or donation. Additionally, the company was founded with the goal of becoming Malaysia’s most trusted and innovative wealth and legacy planning firm, with a mission to assist customers in embracing the responsibilities of financial security in this life and thereafter, as well as preserving and distributing assets in accordance with their core values and beliefs.

About Koha:

Koha is a next-gen fintech platform for legacy planning. Our comprehensive solution fosters trust and engages people throughout their life journey by providing integrated education sharing, innovative personal financial health and legacy planning, charitable distribution of wealth after death, and personalised video or letter messages to their loved ones. Our goals are to encourage everyone to plan their legacy for the inevitable event with ease and clarity, to maintain family harmony, and to encourage charitable giving to social causes. For more information or to plan your own Will, go to