KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 29, 2021 – Koha Digital today announced the launching of its new Digital Legacy Planning platform that allow users to create and update their Wills online. All that a user need is an internet connection to create their Will. Koha Digital is dedicated to provide a secure, affordable, fast and easy-to-complete Wills. In line with the company’s tagline ‘Live and Gift a good life’, the platform was created to encourage everyone to plan their legacy with ease. Besides, with the pandemic situation as COVID-19 has made the need for an All-In-One Legacy Planning online platform for someone to write their Wills are even more important.

“We believe 85% of Malaysians are without legacy planning and there are about RM 70 billion unclaimed assets in Malaysia. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an increase demand for insurance and legacy planning and now with Koha Digital Will Writing Application, everyone can write their own legal Will and plan their legacy”, explains Peter Cheong, CEO of Koha Digital.

Additionally, Koha Digital successfully launched its first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on Digital Will Writing Application on September 18, 2021, and had received positive feedback from its users. Koha Digital Will Writing platform presents users with a series of detailed, plain-language questions, the answers to which form the basis of their Will. In order to help the users to understand better about their custom Wills, Koha Digital Will Writing provides a clear and simple online guidance at every stage of the way.

Koha Digital makes use of cutting-edge technology and the ultimate convenience of the internet to enable and encourage people to write and update their Wills and to plan their legacy online, from any web browser, at anytime and anywhere.

About Koha:
Koha is a next-gen fintech platform for legacy planning. Our comprehensive solution fosters trust and engages people throughout their life journey by providing integrated education sharing, innovative personal financial health and legacy planning, charitable distribution of wealth after death, and personalised video or letter messages to their loved ones. Our goals are to encourage everyone to plan their legacy for the inevitable event with ease and clarity, to maintain family harmony, and to encourage charitable giving to social causes. For more information or to plan your own Will, go to https://koha.digital.