KUALA LUMPUR, June 30, 2022 – After 1 year of establishment, Koha Digital had successfully held ‘Koha Digital Soft Launch Event’ (“the Event”) on Thursday June 30, 2022 at VSQ PJ City Centre. Koha Digital had invited Koha’s NGOs partners including Mr. Benny, Executive Director of Focus on the Family Malaysia (“FOFM”), Mr. Bruce Lim, President of Persatuan Pesakit Imunodefisiensi Primer Malaysia (“MyPOPI”) and Mr. Chris, General Manager of Shelter (Home for Children) (“Shelter”)  to grace the memorable event.

According to Koha Digital, it has been one of the main objectives of Koha Digital to pledge RM 100 Million to charity. Therefore, to make the Event more memorable and blissful, Koha Digital had donated to all three NGOs as a kick start to make Malaysia a better place.

Our Board Members and Koha Team have been committed since Day-1 to make legacy planning accessible to everyone. We are extremely proud of our team as only within 1 year of Koha’s establishment, we managed to Soft Launch our Koha Conventional Will today. We hope this will be a great start for Koha Digital to provide an outstanding digital experience in legacy planning to our usersSays Mr. Peter Cheong, CoFounder & CEO of Koha Digital

We believe that legacy planning is important. We are truly grateful to have this collaboration with KOHA as this initiative will materialise your legacy in helping MYPOPI to better accomplish our aim to save lives and work towards better diagnosis, treatment, care and improve quality of life for patients affected with Primary Immunodeficiency in Malaysia.Says Mr. Bruce Lim, President of MyPOPI.

We are forever grateful for all the individuals who have been sustaining our mission for generations with their planned gifts. Making a gift when writing their Will has definitely created a lasting legacy for them as they make a lasting impact on a cause that is meaningful to them.” Says Mr. Chris, General Manager of Shelter.

Donation Ceremony between Koha Digital & FOFM

Donation Ceremony between Koha Digital & MyPOPI

Donation Ceremony between Koha Digital & Shelter


About Focus on the Family Malaysia (FOFM):

FOFM, established in 1997, is a non-profit organization set up with a clear vision to strengthen families and is committed to strengthening the family unit so as to encourage and promote an enriched family life for everyone.

For more information, go to: https://family.org.my/

About MyPOPI:

MyPOPI is a non-profit organisation and registered society caring for patients and supporting families affected by Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID). Our aims are to help ensure that those affected by primary immunodeficiency have the knowledge needed to manage their condition effectively and to ensure that their health needs are understood and addressed by those involved in the policy and delivery of healthcare.

For more information, go to: https://www.mypopi.org/

About Shelter (Home for Children):

Shelter is an NGO that shelters children who have suffered from abuse, neglected, or abandoned backgrounds and is supported mainly by the public. Therefore, Shelter value the importance of updating their supporters on their children’s progress and milestones.

For more information, go to: https://www.shelterhome.org/

About Koha:

Koha is a next-gen fintech platform for legacy planning. Our comprehensive solution fosters trust and engages people throughout their life journey by providing integrated education sharing, innovative personal financial health and legacy planning, charitable distribution of wealth after death, and personalised video or letter messages to their loved ones. Our goals are to encourage everyone to plan their legacy for the inevitable event with ease and clarity, to maintain family harmony, and to encourage charitable giving to social causes. For more information or to plan your own Will, go to https://koha.digital.