KUALA LUMPUR, January 6, 2022 – The Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) has been signed between Koha Digital Sdn. Bhd. (“Koha Digital”) and ESP Global Sdn Bhd (“ESP”) on Thursday January 6, 2022 at Plaza Arcadia Desa Park City. The MOU was signed with Dato Adrian Wang, Chief Operating Officer of ESP. The MOU is a type of mutual commitment in which both companies provide digital platforms to their users in order to promote each other’s products and services.

Koha Digital is a company that provides digital legacy planning that allows people to create and update their Wills online. The platform was created to encourage people to plan their legacy with ease without going through a time-consuming and costly process of legacy planning. For Koha Digital, legacy planning is one of the everlasting gifts to your loved ones.

On the other hand, ESP is a Real Estate firm with a long standing proven track records in providing real estate services in Malaysia. The Company was built to innovate and revolutionise the real estate business model and to take clients and organisations on a journey towards wealth and prosperity by increasing their net worth through real estate.

Because both companies provide platforms to their users and share the same goal of preserving and growing user’s wealth and prosperity, they believe that this collaboration will promote both wealth preservation and legacy planning.


About ESP Global Sdn Bhd:

ESP GLOBAL is a leading PropTech company consists of more than 1,500 registered real estate negotiators (RENs) nationwide with local and international clients on its platform. ESP Properties Sdn Bhd strength focuses on primary housing projects with divisions such as corporate client services and consultancy cum advisory division. ESP provides services include consultancy on packaging of real estate properties, consultancy on investment in real estate properties, sales and marketing of developers’ projects for primary market and sale and rental of real estate properties for secondary market. ESP’s motto is Powering Your Real Estate Future


About Koha:

Koha is a next-gen fintech platform for legacy planning. Our comprehensive solution fosters trust and engages people throughout their life journey by providing integrated education sharing, innovative personal financial health and legacy planning, charitable distribution of wealth after death, and personalised video or letter messages to their loved ones. Our goals are to encourage everyone to plan their legacy for the inevitable event with ease and clarity, to maintain family harmony, and to encourage charitable giving to social causes. For more information or to plan your own Will, go to