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Young adulthood is often associated with the freedom to explore, take risks, and live in the moment. It’s also a time when many people are just starting out in their careers and may not have accumulated significant assets. Therefore, creating a Will may be the furthest thing in your mind and may not be the priority at all. But even if you’re young and broke, having a Will can still be important.

     Majority seems to be sleeping on the fact that Will is ultimately a piece of paper that transcend beyond the distribution of your assets.

Will can also act as a love letter to your loved ones, a guidebook as to your own appointed executor, whom you trust to handle your money in the bank and the closing of your social medias, or directives to the execution of your funeral as the option for how you wish your body is treated upon your demise goes endless for non-Muslims in Malaysia. On top of it, Will may also act as the last testament to all your wishes and instructions once you’re gone: all recorded in one place.

Even if you think you’re young and broke with no valuable assets to give away, you just have to look no further than your daily belongings.

That latest iPhone you purchased in a single transaction?

You can pass it down to your favorite sister in your Will-writing.

That limited edition Nike x Air Jordan?

To avoid quarrel among your brothers, you can opt to pass it to a close friend in your Will instead.

Or, still paying back the debt you owed to your neighbor from accidentally wrecking his car when you first learn driving?

Have it recorded in your Will and instruct your executor to settle the debt with the remaining of your saving bank account following your death.

So, to address the question in the title, the answer is:

Yes, a Will is still necessary even if you’re young and broke.

It is understandable that your young age might deter you from seeing your worth in the items that you owned, however, take pride in whatever little asset that you have and head for a seamless passing by writing it down in your Will together with all your liabilities at hand. It will also encourage you to settle your debts during your lifetime to not unnecessarily burden your family and loved ones once you’re gone.

Introducing Koha, your newly found bestie in writing your Will.

In light of the digital era, we shall no longer be constrained by the olden ways of creating a Will which involves countless of documentation and no-ending appointments with unidentified figures.

Save your time, energy and most importantly– money by writing your Will with Koha, a digital platform for your Will-writing which includes numerous features from assigning your executors and beneficiaries of your Will to your own private message box specially curated to your dearest.

With Koha, you shall not ever worry on any price hijacked as we will only charge you a one-time fee with free unlimited changes to cater your indecisive mind. No unwarranted embarrassment in disclosing your inexpensive asset to anyone too as Koha provides an easy interface for you to input all necessary details in less than 10 minutes.

Start your Will-writing journey with Koha today!

(side note: for Muslims in Malaysia, it is a set custom for Muslims to undergo a burial process with the assistance of your residency local Imam.)

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